The Friends of Blackburn Old Cemetery

Do you have friends or relatives buried in Blackburn Old Cemetery / Whalley New Road Cemetery?

 If you wish to locate a relative or friends grave you can utilise the Deceased Online website to obtain the grave number

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 There is a charge for obtaining the full record

You can also email giving name(s) of person(s) buried, approximate date(s) of burial(s) and religion(s).
they should be able to provide the grave number(s).

 Using the maps on this site locate the grave relative to a landmark, visit the cemetery and start looking. Be warned stout footwear is essential and if walking between the graves be very careful where you put your feet, the fallen headstones are very slippery!!

 If you cannot find a grave the "friends" may be able to help.

Use the Contact us page and give us as much information as you can eg: Full Name of Deceased, Date of death/burial, Religion, Grave No.

Please include your e-mail address and /or telephone number to enable us to contact you.

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